Saturday, June 11

10:00 AM

Location: 683 Missouri Ave, West Plains, Mo. Billy Sexton Auction Office across from Ozark Café.


Ruger M77 7mm bolt action w/Simmons scope, Thompson Center Encore 270 single shot w/Weaver 3x9x50 scope, New England 280 single shot w/Simmons 3x9x50 scope, H&R model 1871 45-70 Govt. special edition Buffalo Barrel single shot, H&R model 1873 38-55 special edition Buffalo Barrell, H&R model 1873 45-70 Govt cavalry model US Springfield, Taurus circuit Judge 45 long colt/410 revolver rifle, Marlin model 1895 45-70 Govt lever action, Remington model 742 30-06 semi auto, Browning A-bolt 308 bolt action w/Nikon Prostaff scope, Browning A-bolt 6.5 Creedmore bolt action w/Nikon Buckmaster scope, Winchester model 70 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation 300 win mag bolt action,  Remington model 770 243 bolt action w/3x9x40 scope, Ruger model 10-22 semi auto 22, Remington Sportsman 78 30-06 bolt action w/BSA scope, Savage super B mag 17 bolt action w/scope, Santa Fe model 1949 Golden State arms 7.5x5.9 military bolt action, Howa model 1500 204 Ruger action w/BSA scope, Sporting Arms Mauser 98 6.5 cal w/scope, Remington model 514 .22 cal bolt action, Mossberg 100 ATR 308 fluted barrel bolt action w/Redfield scope, Marlin 983T 22 Win mag bolt action w/scope, H&R sportster 17 HMR bolt action w/scope, SKS 7.62x5.9 w/extra clips. HENRY RIFLES: Henry Golden Boy hex barrel 22 cal lever action never fired, Henry Golden Boy hex barrel 44 cal lever action never fired, Henry Golden Boy 22 mag lever action, Henry lever action 22 cal never fired hex barrel.



NR Davis & Sons 12 gauge double barrel, Triumph special 12 gauge single shot, Winchester model 1400 20 gauge semi auto, Browning Belgium MKII light 12 semi auto engraved, New White 16 gauge single shot, Stevens model 77E pump 16 gauge, Savage model 94 410 gauge single shot. PISTOLS: Ruger single 6 22 and 22 mag 9-1/2 inch barrel revolver, REX Zero 1 9mm semi auto w/laser sight, Smith and Wesson model 22-A1 w/red dot scope, Revelation model 76 double 9 22 cal western style w/original box and grips, 2- Heritage Rough Riders  western style 22 & 22 mag 6-1/2 inch barrels, Beeman model GT50 .177 air rifle w/scope, Optima 50 cal w/scope, Springfield Hawken 50 cal hex barrel, Flintlock 50 cal smooth barrel.



Tons of Ammo- 30-06, 30-30, 22, 223, 7.62x5.9, 9mm, 25 auto, 30 carbine, 270, 44, 45 long colt, 17, several hard and soft gun cases, abundance of holsters and belts, belt buckles, gun books. KNIVES: collection of Old Timers, Colt, Schrade, Waldon, Case, Winchester, Remington, Camillus, Steel Warrior, and more, Scopes, binoculars, Bows, Crossbow and all accessories, Bear compound bow w/hard case, vintage swords, lots of misc hunting gear, deer stands, several rods and reels, bait casters, open face, fly reels, several tackle boxes full, muscle car cast collection w/boxes.

AUCTIONEERS NOTES: Due to Bill’s location and health this beautiful collection of fine arms will be sold at my office, 683 Missouri Ave. This collection is in great condition with the majority never fired! Lots of items not listed! Watch Facebook for updates as sale gets closer!

Owner: Bill Champ